Samurize Monitor

Server InformationSamurize is a freeware tool that enables you to monitor your computer. Combined with other freeware programs it can monitor almost anything you like. It’s also used to create fancy desktops and give you direct information about your surrounding (like weather, tv programs, etc).

 In my case I use it to monitor my server. It monitors general things like the CPU, memory, harddrives and network data. To the right you see what is currently monitored. This is a live image, please also check te date and time. Samurize also features an extension called Samurize server which enables you to create images like this, but also more advanced things like XML and the possibility to connect a Samurize client.

The tool that I use in combination with Samurize is Speedfan. Speedfan monitors various temperatures and ofcourse the speed of your fan(s). These programs are all freeware and are definatly worth exploring if you digg this!

Samurize website
Speedfan website

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