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OpenLDAPFirst you start with a mailserver, then you decide you need your own webserver. But what to do with a webserver if you have no FTP server? Things evolve…and then suddenly you discover that something like an addressbook server exists! You need that for your mailserver! Okay, LDAP is not only to be used as an addressbook server, but just like the rest you have to start somewhere.

Ofcourse I choose an open source LDAP server, OpenLDAP. Installation was pretty easy and straight forward, but configuring LDAP seems to be not something that you do in a few minutes. I currently have a pilot running, testing to see if everything works fine.

I have tested a lot of schema’s as I wanted OpenLDAP to be compatible with Outlook. I have forgotten about that idea…to hard! But I really don’t understand why there is no proper schema that makes OpenLDAP fully Outlook compatible? Many people use Outlook, more than X500’s, etc… Perhaps, I am doing something wrong, please let me know!

Apache DSFor administrating I am using Apache DS. Nice tool! I am still thinking of installing a webadministration tool, but first I want to make sure my LDAP survives the pilot phase. Currenly it’s running on my Outlook clients internally and my webmail client. It all works fine this far!

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