A server enhances your life!

Cool MP3 Player of the FutureAt this very moment I am sitting on my balkony, in the sun. Listening to some MP3s which my laptop is streaming from my server. With one eye I can see the TV and see that my girlfriend is streaming a video through our multimedia system, data is streamed from the server, ofcourse 🙂 Not to forget it’s handling the blog system where I am currently typing this message on. Ohw yes, ofcourse it does the “usual” stuff as well, web, fpt and mailservices.

Isn’t that nice? Have your data everywhere available and use the device of your choice to access the data in your way. I think in about three years every house will have a server system. In probably ten years I think it will be central point of “everything” in your house. A server truly enhances your experience of life!

Like to know more about streaming MP3s? Check out the Cool MP3 Database of the Future website. 

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