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Wake-up Light from Philips

Wake-up light

A birthday is one of those days where you can ask for gifts that you normally wouldn’t purchase yourself. The new Philips wake-up light is one of those things. What does it do? It simulates a rising sun together with birds singing, to fool you in getting up naturally. I was curious wether this would work.

Blogging and RSS


RSS feeds are todays reality and tomorrows usability. I expect that the use of RSS feeds will grow. One of the nicest possibilities, I think, is that RSS feeds are standardized messages. Which in turn enables you to re-use your messages, through RSS, on other pages.

This is an example, my blog and this message will also automatically appear on my Hyves. Hyves is a Dutch community webpage. Ofcourse you can also import other people’s blog, but why would you do that? It can be nice if you like to build an automatic blog generating page.

Suzuki Swift 1.5 Exclusive

A sad moment turned into a happy moment when I finally made the decission to abandon my old car and get a new one! Goodbye for the Ford Ka, welcome to the Suzuki Swift! It has all the possible options, airco, electric windows, etc… and one very special gadget…keyless operation.

It’s like a miracle, I keep the key in my pocket and when I touch the doorhandle and press a button, the car knows it’s me. The door unlocks and the car is ready to start. Normally you would turn the key and start, but here you just flip a button and the car starts with the key still in my pocket.

It’s a 1.5 liter, 16V, 75 kW engine doing 1-100 in exactly 10.0 seconds. Changing gears is done by an electronic gearbox and the engine is very silent at normal refs. I had to get used to all this electronic assistance power, as my old Ford Ka was still mostly mechanical but it works great.

The rest
Ofcourse…as a man you need the spoilers, side skirts and sports grill. And not to forget the oversized radio system, tinted glass, painted bumpers all around, bigger exhaust, etc… Everything to enhance your driving experience.