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End of the year…you need new stuff, so besides the fancy mouse, a new phone. This time I was not distracted but looks but went for functionality and my choice was the Nokia N73. I will write something later about this phone. For now, LifeBlog and WordPress integration.

One of the gadgets functionalities of this phone is LifeBlog. LifeBlog enables you to blog almost everything (pictures, MMS, SMS, video’s, texts, audio and blogposts) to a blog. For example, you receive a message, the phone can send it to your (Nokia) LifeBlog, you shoot a picture, same procedure.

Ofcourse we all want to use our own blog, since I run my own webserver and my own version of WordPress I decided to check it there was something out there already that connects the LifeBlog to WordPress. I found something named LifeBlog posted on Sourceforge and after some tweaking it did the job. The documentation is somewhat minimalized but if you have some PHP skills you should be able to work it out.

Below are the links, I will post some examples on my blog to show you that it works!
* Website of the creator
* Sourceforge: LifeBlog
* A little bit more explanation from ‘PhoneBoy’

I wish to thank Christian (the creator) for his work.

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    Christian (the creator)


    Thanks for the flowers 🙂
    I’m quite sad that I can’t care about this wordpress-lifeblog-thing the way I always intented it. Being a software developer for 40h a week pretty soon makes you run away from the computer in your free time as far as you can.
    Well, at least most of the time.
    If there’s anything shareable in your changes of the lifeblog script, please let me know and I’ll put your updates online via sourceforge. It was my original intend to put it there, that the few people who took some time to adapt he script to their needs publish their work so that it is available to all the others.

    Thanks again to using, tweaking and complimenting.


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