Razer Copperhead Mouse

Razer Copperhead 

Recently I bought myself a present, a new mouse. After reading a tons of reviews about various mice I decided to pay a visit to the shop. The candidates were the Logitech G5 or G9, the Ideazon Reaper Edge, a Razer or the Sidewinder from Microsoft. The Sidewinder is actually a a Razer mouse, but anyway.

Since I work all day with a computer I expect it to be top quality and so must be the input devices. For me, buying a mouse can be a big deal. It has to be perfect. I think the staff of the shop, Mediamarkt, thought I was a bit “strange” because it took me an hour to try all the mice. The mice were not connected so I could only try if they fit in my hand.

My final choice is the Razer Copperhead and I am now using it for almost two weeks. At first I was worried wether I was really going to like the mouse. It seemed jumpy and to light for me. After these two weeks I must admit that the jumpy-character is actually that it is so precize and fast that I had to get used to it. Now I can control the mouse with just the tips of my fingers, great speed, accuracy and control.

Although mice are very personal, I would recommend this one! More information:

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