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RSS Feed enhancer for Siteframe

Internet is nice and internet is all about information and combining information is one thing, but making a usefull combination which is really an integration of data is another thing. Since I have a website (running the Siteframe engine) and this blog I tried to combine them.

After some puzzling I found that both sites support RSS feed and I decided to setup syndication. This means in normal people words that my blog will copy the pages (through RSS feeds) from my website to my blog. A proper syndication plugin for WordPress was found easily, my selection is FeedWordpress.

My 34 pages of cellphone bill

Orange Bill

Got my cellphone bill today and had quite some fun which I like to share with you. They send me a bill of 34 pages, it’s a good thing I receive it electronically, save some trees! 

As you might know I have developed GG-Tracker. This application sends my current physical position every so many seconds to my server. The internet packages involved here are very small, all information is transmitted in the header and the message itself is only three characters, in total <200 bytes.

In  March I seem to have send 1324 of these packages and Orange (my cellphone provider) writes a line on the invoice for every connection (<200 bytes) that GG-Tracker makes. The result is a 34 page bill…perhaps their invoice application needs some redesigning?

Test NextGEN Gallery

This is a test with my new NextGEN Gallery plugin. It should show pictures some, although at this moment I don’t see anything yet.

101307144404.jpg 101307144446.jpg 101307145249.jpg 

Okay….so now it shows four three pictures from just a sample gallery. Let’s see if I can show the entire gallery as well…

Nice, I had to play a little bit with the thumbnail sizes, but now it’s just the way I like it!

Whisky Festival Noord Nederland

Special Whisky

Saturday, 1st of March, the Whisky festival for the North of The Netherlands. The place to be ofcourse if you enjoy live to the fullest. With three friends we visited the festival which was helt in a church. Whisky…church…hmmm….anyway, for the festival it didn’t matter, it was great!

First we went to a small restaurant that had prepared a special whisky diner including matching whisky to drink and enjoy. The food was superb and the host definatly knew what she was talking about, food and whisky wise. The restaurant is located in the city Groningen and called ‘De Benjamin’.

There were probably some 25 (I lost track…) different distillers at the festival which all served their whisky and they all had a story about their whisky. Although I went to the festival to see small distillers I was surprised by Glenfiddich. The presentor had a really good story about whisky and thought us some need tricks on how to recognize what ingredients are used and how the whisky was aged.

If you like whisky or like to learn it, it’s a good idea to visit the next festival!