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Internet is nice and internet is all about information and combining information is one thing, but making a usefull combination which is really an integration of data is another thing. Since I have a website (running the Siteframe engine) and this blog I tried to combine them.

After some puzzling I found that both sites support RSS feed and I decided to setup syndication. This means in normal people words that my blog will copy the pages (through RSS feeds) from my website to my blog. A proper syndication plugin for WordPress was found easily, my selection is FeedWordpress.

By now I was able to automatically import the internetpages from my Siteframe website to my WordPress blog. It turned out that Siteframe creates RSS feeds, but not the quality you might expect. With some fiddling around I found the RSS template that Siteframe uses. It’s under “Control Panel\Maintain Contect Templates\rss” and I modified it to this version.

Proper RSS feeds in place, syndication running, but still not what I wanted. The RSS feeds from my website were placed in a certain category but I did not wanted to show that category on my blog frontpage. Using the SimplyExclude Plugin I was able to exclude this category from my blog.

Now all my recent publications on my websites are filled under the Category “Eppenga” 🙂

Usefull links
* FeedWordPress, Atom/RSS aggregator
* Siteframe, lightweight content-management system
* Siteframe RSS template, updated version
* SimplyExclude Plugin, exclude posts

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