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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-30

  • Trying to integrate Hyves into my blog #
  • @Hexxeh Thanks for the Chromium OS on USB stick, works great! #
  • A tweet from Chromium OS running on my PC 🙂 #
  • Let's see if I can use exeif to display location of where a photo was taken to show up on my blog #
  • Downloading the new Chromium OS 🙂 With a little bit of luck I have it running tomorrow! #
  • Crashed my blog database due to my fault…backup is luckily only a few days old! #

How do I communicate?

communication structure

Somebody asked me some time ago: “How do you manage to update all those social media’s?” And I answered: “Well it’s all handled automatically, the only thing that I maintain is my blog and the rest gets syndicated automatically to all social media.”

Then I started thinking, yes it is true, I do only maintain this blog but a lot of things happen actually when I post this message. A short version of this post is send automatically to Twitter, through RSS the social media Hyves and Twitter are notified and the same post is added there. If somebody reacts on this post through this blog, Twitter, Hyves or Facebook I get an email and I respond where necessary.

Japanese Watergarden

Vandaag zijn we bij de Japanese Watergarden in Naaldwijk geweest. Zag er ontzettend mooi uit! Veel aandacht besteed aan detail en erg leuk om te zien dat dit moois zich tussen de kassen bevindt!

“Sprankelende watervallen, kronkelende kreekjes, robuuste natuurstenen, kleurrijke vissen, exotische bloemen en bomen. Het zijn maar enkele voorbeelden van de overweldigende Japanse natuur en cultuur, die te zien zijn in de unieke Japanese Watergarden in het Westlandse Naaldwijk.”

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