Ti-Click Classic Pen Experiences

Yesterday I received my Ti-Click Classic pen and this is definitely not your everyday pen! Well…actually it is going to be my everyday pen, but it is special for sure. The pen is made out of solid Titanium, a precious metal that is used in high-end applications and the design is very nice as you can see in the unboxing photos.

The pen itself is true artwork if you look at the accuracy of the different parts and how they fit together. Since it’s made out of titanium it can last you a lifetime. I acquired the pen via Kickstarter and was made by Big Idea Design. It comes in many varieties, my selection was the clean slightly sandblasted version. Also the pen can hold many different refills including the famous Pilot G2 (gel pen). My pen came by default with the Uniball, an excellent choice.

The balance and the weight of the pen is excellent, personally I don’t like the low weight of the plastic pens, but it’s also not overweight, it’s just what it needs to be. The clip is sturdy and looks like it can survey a few accidental bends. Also it has some thickness to it, which I like writing and the beauty of Titanium is that it feels warm compared to cold steel pens.

If you like to know more about the pen, please check out the links below:


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