My experience with my M5 Card Phone

Card Phone

Today I received my new M5 Card Phone! What a nice little phone! I decided to buy this phone because my current phone, the CAT S50, has some issues and is a bit big to carry around if you sometimes only need to called. The phone costed only € 15,03 and I bought it at AliExpress.

Actually I thought there might be a good chance that it wouldn’t work, or would have problems with my European SIM, I mean what can you expect for fifteen Euro’s? But…it works great! It’s a little smaller than two credit cards on top of each other (85x55x4.5mm) and you can charge it via USB.


It has…a phonebook, call history list, messaging (SMS), FM radio, calendar, alarm, calculator, profiles (general, silent, meeting, outdoor), bluetooth, auto-lock and probably some more features I haven’t discovered yet. And yes, it really works, I called people and people have called me. The sound volume is also fine, really I couldn’t find anything wrong.


It looks like a small calculator, feels a bit plasticy, hardly weighs anything and you can get it in a variety of colors. By the way it doesn’t come with a manual, I didn’t need it, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the web.


Personally I think it’s a great phone if you need to be contacted and don’t want to carry a big smartphone around. This baby has a good feature list (it’s not a smartphone, but it’s more than enough for a phone), the price is more than acceptable and the quality seems quite good.

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    Ebo Eppenga


    After a few days of usage I found one issue that I can’t resolve… if you switch on the FM radio it says please plugin the earphone, but there seems to be no earphone plug??


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