Samurize Monitor

Server InformationSamurize is a freeware tool that enables you to monitor your computer. Combined with other freeware programs it can monitor almost anything you like. It’s also used to create fancy desktops and give you direct information about your surrounding (like weather, tv programs, etc).

 In my case I use it to monitor my server. It monitors general things like the CPU, memory, harddrives and network data. To the right you see what is currently monitored. This is a live image, please also check te date and time. Samurize also features an extension called Samurize server which enables you to create images like this, but also more advanced things like XML and the possibility to connect a Samurize client.

The tool that I use in combination with Samurize is Speedfan. Speedfan monitors various temperatures and ofcourse the speed of your fan(s). These programs are all freeware and are definatly worth exploring if you digg this!

Samurize website
Speedfan website

Home network

Home networkI proudly present my own little home network. It features two wireless networks, a cabled network, PSTN (analogue) and voip telephony. Why two wireless networks? Because the server is on a single wireless network to keep the speed to my server at a high level. Wifi networks are hub based, that means that they share the connection speed, the more connections are made. It wasn’t an option to connect the server to the cable network because of esthetical reasons.

Personally I still don’t trust voip telephony to be on 100% of the time so that’s why we have two separate types of telephony. It’s a fully seperated system, voip can fail while analogue is still online. The voip system is a true voip system, no PCs or servers are involved to keep it running.

LG KE970 Shine

LG KE970 ShineBling bling! The LG KE970 Shine! I bought it today in Rotterdam. The new phone by LG. It has a full metal body and the screen is like a mirror. In one word, BLING ! 🙂 My first comment after investigating it for an hour. The phone itself has a solid framework, the sliding mechanism has no leeway. The keys are also easy to handle and the backglow in blue.

I used to have a Siemens S65 and I was afraid that I had to ‘relearn’ this new phone as I was very attached to my Siemens, but actually it was all very simple. I truly love the screen, it’s very bright. Navigating through the phone is also a piece of cake.

What I don’t understand is that it has two USB modes, one for file-sharing and one for synchronizing phone numbers, tasks, etc… You  can’t do both at once it seems. Another strange thing is that I can’t find the possibility to store addresses (streets, zipcodes, cities, etc…). But besides that, it’s a great phone!

Website LG KE970 Shine

 Wednesday, 14th of March, 20:45

It’s been a few days since I purchased the phone. A few things that keep puzzling me are:

Restoring files

Woops…suddenly I discovered that files were missing from my server. Recently I installed a new server, so I thought I could find them on the old server. The same files were missing on the old server. Weird, so I had run my server for almost a year without missing files? Yes! Luckily I still had the harddrives of the server before that server laying around somewhere….erased….

With the help of a great recovery tool named GetDataBack from I was able to recover the files! Unfortunatly, the files missing, were the files that were the pictures of my liquid PC. Unfortunatly Google also noticed files were missing, so now my ranking has dropped. I hope that now the files are back, the visits on my website will also increase again. I was wondering already….where did the visitors go? 🙂

XBox Mediacenter

XBox Media CenterYes, I have an XBox, not the fancy new 360, but an old one. A long time ago I had a chip built in to allow me to use is as a multimedia machine. I did not really use that capability, but now that my girlfriend likes to watch recorded movies I decided to give it a try again. Actually I was impressed but the power and value for money.

I am running XBox Media Center on my XBox, the open source media center. It works beautifully and I have it connected to my server as well so it can play anything. From MP3s to movies, with subtitles, no problem at all.

Hello World!

Deaar everybody, this is my first attempt in blogging. After days of researching I finally found the blog I really liked. This blog will be about everyday things that might (not) be important to other people. I will be running this blog on my own server, perhaps some more information about that later. For now, please enjoy my blog!