(ab)using Google Analytics cookie for on-site-tracking

Google Analytics (GA) is a great tool for all who like to measure the effects of their websites, but can we also use it for our own website as an on-site-tracking system? GA does seem to know quite a lot about our vistors, but how do we get that data from GA into our website? And even better, is it possible to link the data to the person who is visiting your website?

The moment somebody crawls your website quite a lot of things happen with regards to GA. First of all a lot of JavaScript is being executed but what is more interesting, the results are stored inside the GA cookie. In theory this means that your website can access the cookie if the cookie is stored under the same domain of your website which is the case.

Nieuwe tracker gemaakt, ja ook jij kan zien waar ik nu ben ;)

In het verleden heb ik redelijk wat gedaan aan de vermarkting van tracking en tracing van personen en goederen. Als proof-of-concept om te laten zien hoe kinderlijk eenvoudig het tegenwoordig is, heb ik een simpele nieuwe tracker gebouwd. Je kunt de tracker ook downloaden en meer dan een smartphone en Google Latitude account heb je er niet voor nodig.

De tracker laat mijn huidige locatie zien op het internet en bepaalt ook de dichtstbijzijnde stad of dorp. Voor meer informatie zie de websites: http://www.google.com/latitude en http://waarbenik.eppenga.com/.

Roomba 555 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Please see here our Roomba 555 Robot Vacuum Cleaner dancing on cleaning the table. The Roomba is equiped with a whole array of sensors which prevent it from falling down stairs and crashing hard into walls.

To be honest, we bought the Roomba vacuum cleaner as a gadget and I thought it would be just another adventure which wouldn’t last that long. When I pulled it out of the box I was already surprised but the solid and professional looking robot and now after it’s first week it’s still going strong.