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How to switch off your Popcorn Hour A-200 and silence that noisy fan

Are you also fed up with that noisy fan in your newly bought Popcorn Hour A-200? Well I was and the the manual provided no solution. When I bought the Popcorn I thought I had bought a modern, silent, multimedia tank and that’s all true, but the fan makes a lot of nice in your quiet living room. So what do you need to do?

Press the off-switch on the remote control for 5 seconds!

That’s all you need to do….it’s not in the manual, you will see the light at the front go from a dimmed white to a bright red and…it’s off, including that noisy fan. Like to switch it on again? Press the on switch on the remote, it will take some time to boot, but at least your Popcorn is now nice and quiet as it should be.